Highways of Bergen County, New Jersey

(NJ 444)

The Garden State Parkway was planned in the 1940s as a way to bypass busy NJ 4 and get to the Shore on a relatively scenic, pleasant road with no traffic lights.

A 13-mile section of this state highway project was completed in Union and Middlesex counties by 1952, when a new agency, the New Jersey Highway Authority, was established to complete the highway as a toll road. The NJHA completed the road by 1956, and soon thereafter they extended it northward beyond NJ 4 to a connection with the New York State Thruway. Because of its historic connection to NJ 4, NJDOT’s internal reference number for the tollway is 444. (NYSDOT’s reference number for the 2.4-mile connection between the state line and the Thruway is 982L.)

In 2003, the New Jersey Highway Authority was decommissioned, and its functions were assumed by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Also in 2003, the toll plaza previously known as Hillsdale but actually located in Washington Twp was renamed the Pascack Valley plaza, and it became the first toll plaza in North Jersey to have Express E-ZPass lanes, which allow electronic toll customers to maintain highway speed instead of slowing down at the barrier.

The mile markers used on this log of the 14.12-mile Bergen County stretch of the Parkway are based on the NJDOT straight-line diagram. The NJHA inventoried the northbound and southbound lanes separately, and they vary from the NJDOT center-line inventory by as much as 0.1 mile (and from each other by as much as 0.2 mile in places). While mileposts are not changing, the NJTA is assigning structure inventory numbers based on the NJDOT inventory.

Mile Street Name Feature (South to North)
158.28 Entering Elmwood Park Boro, Bergen Co.
158.28 Garden State Pkwy Passaic River {bridge}
158.38 Garden State Pkwy River Dr CR 507 {bridge}

Southbound approaching the Passaic River.
158.55 Garden State Pkwy Miles St {underpass}
158.87 Garden State Pkwy US 46, Interchange 157 {overpass}
158.98 Garden State Pkwy Fleisher Brook {bridge}
159.28 Garden State Pkwy Boulevard {overpass}
159.38 Garden State Pkwy Market St CR 12 {overpass}
159.65 Garden State Pkwy Susquehanna Railroad {overpass}
159.65 Entering Saddle Brook Twp
159.83 Garden State Pkwy Bergen-Passaic Expwy I-80 {underpass}
160.00 Garden State Pkwy Midland Ave CR 12 {underpass}
160.23 Garden State Pkwy I-80 connector, Interchange 159 {overpass}
160.48 Garden State Pkwy Bergen toll plaza

The Bergen toll plaza, which now collects a $1.50 toll northbound only.
160.73 Garden State Pkwy Saddle River Rd CR 79 {underpass}
160.89 Garden State Pkwy Saddle River {bridge}
161.44 Entering Paramus Boro
161.53 Garden State Pkwy Paramus Rd CR 75, Interchange 160 NB off/SB on {overpass}
161.70 Garden State Pkwy Bridle Way {overpass}
161.88 Garden State Pkwy NJ 4, Interchange 161 NB off/SB on {overpass}
162.18 Garden State Pkwy Sprout Brook {bridge}
162.55 Garden State Pkwy Century Rd {overpass}
163.15 Garden State Pkwy NJ 17, Interchange 163 {overpass}
163.89 Garden State Pkwy Midland Ave {overpass}
164.94 Garden State Pkwy (Ridgewood Ave) [Oradell Ave] CR 6, Interchange 165 {underpass}
165.93 Garden State Pkwy Linwood Ave CR 110, Interchange 166 SB off/NB on {underpass}
165.93 Entering Washington Twp
166.12 Garden State Pkwy Pascack Valley toll plaza

The Pascack Valley toll plaza, equipped with Express E-ZPass lanes. This tollbooth
has since been modified to collect a $1.50 toll southbound only.
166.31 Garden State Pkwy East Glen Ave CR 82

Southbound approaching East Glen Avenue. All the Parkway exits used to be marked
with a simple tab like this one, without the word EXIT on them.
167.48 Garden State Pkwy Washington Ave CR 502, Interchange 168 NB off/SB on {underpass}
167.75 Entering Hillsdale Boro
168.03 Garden State Pkwy Hillsdale Ave CR 116 {underpass}
168.40 Garden State Pkwy Wierimus Rd CR 71 {underpass}
168.41 Entering Woodcliff Lake Boro
169.29 Garden State Pkwy Saddle River Rd CR 90 {overpass}

Southbound just below Glen Road. Notice the Parkway-standard (and definitely not
MUTCD-compliant) milepost.
170.15 Garden State Pkwy Glen Rd CR 71, Interchange 171 NB off/SB on {underpass}
170.61 Entering Montvale Boro

The Montvale service area, between Glen Road and Grand Avenue.

The southbound entrance to the Montvale service area.
171.52 Garden State Pkwy Grand Ave CR 2, Interchange 172 NB off/SB on {overpass}
171.73 Garden State Pkwy Summit Ave CR 96 {overpass}
172.21 Garden State Pkwy Upper Saddle River Rd {overpass}

Entering New Jersey, southbound. The change in pavement marks the state line.
172.40 Garden State ParkwayNJ 444 ENDS, Montvale Boro
2.40 NY 982L BEGINS, Ramapo Town, Rockland Co.

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