Chronological Tour: Stop 16

Duffy Fairgrounds

Entrance to Duffy Fairgrounds, Jul-2001.

The main grandstand, with some box seats. The press box is above the third-base bleacher.

View from the grandstand as batting practice is about to begin.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
I saw one game at Duffy Fairgrounds back in 1991; the co-op Erie Sailors won the game in ten innings.

The unusual configuration consists of a main grandstand that is straight, rather than hooking around home plate as is common. Bleachers stand along the first and third base lines, as do several rows of box seats.

Today, Duffy Fairgrounds is used for various amateur games. The photos above were taken prior to the start of a New York Collegiate League game against Rome. In 2015, a low-level independent league called the North Country Baseball League started, and Watertown hosted some of the games.

Game # Date League Level Result
39 Sun 11-Aug-1991 NY-Penn A Erie 3, WATERTOWN 2, 10 inn
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