Bob Hannah Stadium

Exterior of Bob Hannah Stadium at the University of Delaware athletic complex, Mar-2010.

The main seating bowl, an aluminum structure typical of many college parks.

Looking out toward right field and the scoreboard. The high screen protects all the seats.

Quick Facts:
The baseball field at the University of Delaware is part of the main athletic complex, located along College Avenue (DE 896) and Chestnut Hill Road (DE 4) several miles south of the main campus.

The seating here is fairly standard, an aluminum bowl with three rows of shaped seats followed by several rows of bleachers. The Blue Hens retained a natural playing surface until 2014, when they installed artificial turf; however, there are still no lights. As is common at baseball parks, the batter faces northeast.

The stadium was named after longtime Delaware coach Bob Hannah upon his retirement in 2000.

Game # Date Conference Level Result
59 Sat 6-Mar-2010 Independent Div I DELAWARE 15, Manhattan 9, 1st
60 Sat 6-Mar-2010 Independent Div I Manhattan 16, DELAWARE 10, 2d, susp., darkness
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